Project Description

Gold is the second and highest level for commercial projects and companies. This program will be able to contain all aspects of your new business. As you expand in your project, you will find in Soft Magic what suits your business and responsibilities

Therefore, we provide to  you the gold version, which contains all of the above features in the Start version, in addition to some other features such as: –

* If the business project includes more than one partner, you will find one of the most important features, which is the item (Partners Current). Through this feature, you can know the special ratios between the two partners and everything related to their financial transactions within the project.

* full module for banks to cover your financial expansion in your project, in order to deal with all the details of banking transactions that you add to the system, in addition to detailed reports for following up on banks.

*You can also add your import and export transactions to the program through the documentary credits feature by opening, receiving or closing documentary credits.

Why Use Gold:

Guide:  This is the most suitable version for medium projects, as it guides you to finish all your transactions correctly

You can also rely on system to follow up sales movements and sales of products for each supplier

So when you use this version, you will be aware of all financial transactions within your project, and system is responsible for this guidance

Obvious:  Soft Magic systems very clarity

as you, as a user of the program, you can use Soft Magic systems in an easy, simple and uncomplicated way, and this is what makes this version of the most easy to use

And also we used easy terms and also simple access to any service within the program

In addition, you can design the report according to your priorities in a clear way so that you can analyze the results correctly

Limitless:  We know that business owners are always looking for improvement

They always looking for best because they know that will help them to success & because we want to be partners in this success we constantly develop our software & we are facing a reality ….. To achieve success, there should be no limits to development and innovation.

Details:  Especially in this edition there is many important details which helps business owners to know and analyze all transactions.

Important details such as:

Adding photo for each product, full module for bank transactions, adding tax transactions, follow the movements of each product in your business

Export E-invoice for your business to e-invoice system

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