Project Description


At this level, you can deal in a smart way, as it expresses a new generation of specialized and intelligent accounting software, which in turn helps to grow and develop the business by increasing the volume of sales using a package of tools provided by smart edition as a success partner and a leading business developer in this field, which helps you fully in Knowing everything that goes on inside your project or business and analyzing it very accurately. The features offered by smart edition have proven to be the most intelligent and effective and have made it a complete copy to help you achieve success. And there are many features of this version the most important of which are:-

Multi Offers

The marketing aspect has become essential for all companies, so this had to be taken in Smart Edition, So where we findSpecial offers and gifts Module, in proportion to all the marketing possibilities in the market

  • The possibility of making specific period offers that start and end automatically in the this period.
  • Possibility to make endless offers at the same time
  • Possibility of directing offers to all branches or to some of them.
  • Possibility of implementing offers on specific items, sections or categories and excluding some of them.
  • Prioritize the implementation of offers through the Priority Arrangement feature

Matrix Items

  • This feature is the best at all for coding and defining the company’s items that consist of many analyzes of the same item, for example, that contain sizes and colors. There is no need to define each size and color separately, but when using this feature, it is possible to define all sizes and colors with one click and this speeds up the process Coding process takes a lot of time and effort
  • This feature can also be used in the process of warehouse transfers or purchase invoices

Branch Orders

  • Providing the branches’ needs of items is one of the things that bother all companies, so the Branch orders feature has been activated in this edition It is executed inside the branches and selects the items it needs or lacks. When this movement is preserved, the software send them automatically to the administration and they are examined with the possibility of identifying the branches or stores containing these items for completion and implementing automatic transfer permits from this feature
  • It is possible that errors may occur in sending remittances and there may be differences in the items, so a movement of receiving items from the branch has been implemented. This movement compares the actual receipt with the sender and shows the transfer differences so that the branch returns this permission and amends it from the sender and when it is sent again, the branch keeps the previous receipt and the actual matching and this feature It aims to speed the transfer between branches, and aims to take advantage of the safety feature and not to lose the company’s stock amid the difference in sending and receiving.

Contents of the Software

1-Procurement and supplier accounts

  • Procurement invoices
  • Returned purchases
  • Supplier adjustments
  • Follow up on payment document and the possibility of payment in more than one way
  • Supplier stock reports
  • Procurement analysis and detailed analytical comparisons of period, resource and items

2- Sales and customer accounts

  • Booking sales orders, following up on their implementation and also follow pending sales orders
  • Execution of direct sales invoices and payment methods ways
  • Customer payments (cash / checks)
  • Customer adjustments and discounts
  • Price levels and linking the customer to a specific price level
  • Combined and detailed customer balance reports and analytical comparisons of their withdrawals
  • Analysis of sales in years, months and days, also comparisons and evaluation of clients and items

3- Warehouses control:-

  • Automatic transfer of sales and purchases and their returns to the warehouse
  • Inventory transfers movement for easy transfer of items from warehouse to another warehouse
  • order limit option for the items and detailed report for re-ordering this items
  • Identification and removal of damaged items from warehouse to control balances
  • The possibility of making inventory adjustments using the latest technologies and using (data collector) to making a comparison between the balance before and after the settlement.
  • Analytical and detailed reports on the inventory of stores, each store separately or in a group

4- Treasury movement:-

  • Automatic transfer of sales and purchases and their (cash) returns to the treasury
  • Automatic transfer of cash payments for customers and suppliers to the treasury
  • Automatic transfer of cash expenditures to the treasury
  • The movement of treasury transfers, with the identification of the sender and the consignee of the treasury
  • Cash supply at the end of the day to the main treasury
  • Detailed Treasury balance reports and comparison of Treasury and interval

5:- Expenses:-

  • Making an expense tree for easy extraction of analytical or general reports
  • Transfer expenses on a specific cost center to determine the total cost of this center during a certain period
  • Expense reports during a period and compare the value of expenses in years, months and days

6:- Bank accounts:-

  • Movement of deposits and cash withdrawals to and from the bank tied to specific treasury
  • Deposit movement of checks specific to customers’ wallet
  • Possibility of defining the percentage of credit cards to determine bank’s commission and transfer of visa sales to the bank’s account, net after the commission.

7- Partners current account:-

  • Movement of partners’ withdrawals
  • Movement of partners’ deposits
  • Analytical reports for partners’ balances

8- General accounts:-

  • Computational tree possible up to level 7
  • The possibility of defining an infinite number of cost centers to link day-to-day constraints
  • Possibility to migrate from all programs to general accounts automatically
  • Balance of audit with first or no balance
  • Detailed budget
  • Detailed general accounts reports with the possibility of specifying a specific period for any report

his is not all. The contents of software are too many and fully help to manage the company or foundation successfully especially if there’s more than one branch.

  • Multi branches allows the centralization of the batch from the administration as work and follow-up for all branches
  • Consolidation of the supplier’s account (each supplier deals with all branches as one company is better than dividing it on each branch)
  • Updating each branch of the goods by the method of transfers, and this is more correct and more accurate than considering each branch as a customer and supplier for the other branch
  • Centralization of the item’s barcode because entering it once from the administration is better and easier, and a central barcode facilitates the movement of remittances without re-coding that we have to do in case of separate branches
  • Possibility of selling from one branch, return and exchange from another branch
  • Also when linking branches online, a complete control can be done on the authorization of each user from the administration and also Create new user & delete user without entering each branch separately

Also contains a Dynamic report module to allow and ability to make customizations on all types of reports in any required data and at any suggested analytical level and make comparisons between periods to measure the level of growth in the company

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