Project Description

If you are a restaurant owner or you are considering opening your restaurant and you are looking for an accounting Software for your restaurant, we offer you from SoftMagic the best restaurant Software designed to cover all your needs for restaurant management starting from buying raw materials that make up dishes and introducing the costs of ingredients for the dish of raw materials until the sale of varieties and by various means of sale, whether direct sale at the restaurant, home delivery

or ordering.

And this software is a key component in making sure your restaurant’s costs; revenue, profits and financial potential are properly tracked.

The restaurant industry has some specific business needs such as:

  • Processing the restaurant menu in an arrangement and division in line with the restaurant or café (forming sections, arranging them, then subdividing the groups, making an arrangement for them as well and then branching out the names of the products)
  • Ease of use of the sales page with touch screens to make the payment process easier and faster in the branch
  • The possibility of selling Takeaway or delivering orders, register customer data in detail and querying their data with mobile number if they call again or open tables in the restaurant all through the branch
  • Possibility of making a full retrieval of Order or a particular item in Order
  • Run more than one kitchen printer for order printing, cashier printer and more than one cashier can run
  • Run more than one shift & also end of day per shift
  • Feasibility of calculating service ratio and value in the reset
  • Possible remote connectivity of branches to management and sales follow-up per branch
  • Add ingredients and raw materials for each item in the restaurant menu within the system ( برسنة منتجات المنيو )
  • Calculate the cost of each item on the list (the software costs each sandwich, pizza and every drink as long as its components are identified)
  • Possible manufacture of products Under preparation and follow-up in warehouses
  • Follow-up of supplier accounts
  • Feasibility of calculating service ratio and VAT in invoice
  • Possible daily inventory of warehouses and knowledge of deficit or increase

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