Project Description

It is one of the most structured and professional software in SoftMagic, as it has many features

1:- It works on a professional and highly efficient database where it can register thousands of employees

2:- Define the names of departments and sub-departments

3:- Identification of employees and creating a code for each employee on the fingerprint devices, personal data, qualifications, salary details and allowances for each employee

4:- Creating internal company regulations, attendance and discharge, connecting them to the fingerprint device, as well as the ability to register attendance manually in case errors in fingerprint devices

5:- The advance option for each employee and the possibility of deducting it from his/her monthly salary

6:- Penalties and rewards for all employees

7:- Determining the weekly and annual leaves for employees, in addition the format of leave request and type of each leave (Annual – Casual – Sick…etc.)

8:- Analytical reports on leave, salaries, departments and delays for each employee

9:- Detailed reports for attendance and departure for each employee

10:- Detailed reports for workforce staffing and salaries

11:- Analysis of the level of each employee within the company and analysis of each employee’s potential and compliance with the company’s policies and regulations

12:- Determining the start date of the employee and the annual increase for employees

13:- Submit a detailed report on the monthly and annual evaluation of the employee and his/her entitlement to profits

14:- sick leave for each employee as well as the placement of a copy of the sick certificates with each leave application

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