Project Description

The third level and through it you can get all the details of your project from buying, selling and Industry.

When you add the industry stages to your project, you need professional software that helps you to clarify and understand the manufacture of raw materials and production requirements. This is what you will find in this version, where complete industry equations have been added that you can save on the system, run, and start the industry process at any time.

In addition it includes all of the above features in Gold & Start systems, plus some other features of manufacturing movements

Why use Gold industry

  • Clarify industry process by adding a special equation for each finished product from stage of raw materials to the completion of the industry process. This equation is kept on software, which makes the movement of the industry easier and more organized
  • Knowing the industry cost accounts with very high accuracy as well as the cost of the final product all that to calculate the selling price to the merchant and consumer
  • You can add the indirect cost during industry process from expenses and others then you can add it to the cost of the final product in order to ensure an appropriate price for the product so as to ensure suitable price for the final product.
  • Accurate reports on everything related to industry, from raw materials production to the final product.
  • You can create a more of warehouses on the software which is more organized to make warehouses for raw materials, warehouses for finished products, and warehouses for industry supplies
  • Export E-invoice for your business to e-invoice system

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