Project Description

  • Study the project idea, its components and needs
  • Study of product details, components and features
  • Studying the project’s economic indicator, project location and demographic indicators in the target market
  • Studying the volume of demand, local production, and the volume of imports and exports for the products offered by the project
  • Analyzing the competitors, the marketing gap of the products and the project’s market share, and making a SWOT analysis of the nature of the project
  • Studying the marketing and promotional plan, pricing and distribution plan for the project
  • Studying the costs of machinery, equipment, supplies, cars, and construction for the project
  • Studying energy for productivity and providing quotations for machines, equipment and lines for production and studying the specifications of the lines and their conformity to the manufacture of products
  • Studying project costs from raw materials, operating requirements, general expenses, marketing and promotion expenses, sales commissions, and direct and indirect salaries.
  • Studying the organizational structure of the project, the administrative structure and job descriptions for employees
  • Studying the investment costs of the project, financing conditions and financing structure
  • Study the project’s revenues and forecasts for revenues for the coming years
  • Studying the financial statements of the project during the life of the project from the financial position, income statement and cash flows
  • Studying the financial indicators of the project and its financial analysis

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