Project Description

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program is one of the effective systems in managing relationships with existing and prospective customers. It also helps in saving and registers customer data and providing detailed reports that help in making the right decisions in record time, it is a software wizard to collect all sales, marketing and customer support activities and to simplify operations

As well as tracking sales, organizing after-sales services and facilitating cooperation between various departments, which ultimately leads to full customer satisfaction.

It also helps in developing the sales process because of its analytical capabilities in providing advanced reports that evaluate and analyze customers to contribute to meeting customer needs within the market. The target is in addition to facilitating the process of follow-up and monitoring of all stages of customer development inside company

The following are the most important features offered by the CRM software from Soft Magic:

  • Save and register all customer data, previous and current transactions, and create detailed reports
  • Making the right decisions in record time is based on detailed reports.
  • Help your business to build and improve relationships with customers by systematically collecting, organizing and analyzing your customers’ data
  • Managing communication with customers by storing contact information names ,addresses and others in a searchable database
  • Collect and store customer documents in an accessible way
  • Gain customers by providing excellent customer service and converting leads to existing customers
  • The possibility of predicting future sales figures or expected revenues based on the data that is provided
  • Suggest and send quotations or proposals to customers
  • Obtaining sales reports in addition to evaluating the performance of sales representatives on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

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