Project Description

  • We provide a wide range of business consultancy that suits the business growth requirements of members from small enterprises. A large part of our services revolves around providing advice to clients regarding economic strategies, evaluating the performance of their business, determining the requirements and needs of their business, and preparing training programs and tools that contribute to the development of their businesses in various commercial environments.
  • We provide business consultancy services to small companies on an ongoing basis, as the efforts of the center’s consultants in continuous communication and follow-up contribute to the achievement of small enterprises’ goals according to what is planned, and work to confront and manage challenges and plan for future expansion.

1- Change of management

2- A strategy for customers

3- Organization

4- Big data and analytics

5- Create innovative business models

6- Startups


8- Ongoing support

9-Technical Partner

  • Management Risk Assessment
  • Assessment of risks related to relevant government policies and legislations

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