The real story started since 1998 when the story was just a dream and then the dream became a reality and then reality became the motivation for success and this was the beginning

Our priority was excellence in all commercial, industrial and service sectors which leads our programs and technical solutions to achieve the fore this made us continue to work and make double effort that is why we never stop developing and innovating certainly, this effort and success had to be rewarded indeed, the international ISO 9001 certification was obtained and here we are still striving to provide more innovation and success in the field of software and technical solutions

  • Success is not our only ambition, Excellence, Innovation and also reaches the top of competition.
  • We will not only be satisfied with achieving ISO 9001, but we will strive to achieve more international certifications.
  • We strive daily to reach the highest customer base in Egypt and the Middle East.
  • We always work to reach the full satisfaction of our customers therefore, we offer the best technical support services throughout the day, updates on all programs periodically, survey with all customers about the quality of services provided by SoftMagic
  • We seek to provide the best system for linking branches in the Middle East so that we can gain the confidence of customers in the world
  • There are still many dreams, aspirations and wishes that we are still striving for, but the most important thing for us is to gain the trust of all our customers.

Our Story




The first and most difficult stage of all,

The first and most difficult stage of all, as it is the head of the arrow, then the success story of this great entity began, in 1998, the idea of issuing accounting software began to help small businesses complete their transactions correctly indeed, the dream began to issue a small software that did not include many features but also compared to this time, it met the needs of customers, also it was necessary to collect customer survey so that we can know everything that customer needs & wants in their business.



Through customers survey & knowing their needs,

Through customers survey & knowing their needs, we started the second phase, which included a significant expansion in Soft Magic system editions we issued two new versions in the accounting software world that meet all customer requirements it was the beginning of the emergence of ERP systems the new versions were suitable for customer needs & wants to manage their business SO we started spreading quickly throughout Egypt, in all its governorates
We had many challenges, but the most important of them was to create a customer base in all areas and gain the confidence of these customers.
And this is what actually happened.



There should have been clear rules and regulations to keep on customer

There should have been clear rules and regulations to keep on customer base and work to increase our customers inside and outside Egypt as well
But during this period of stability and rapid improvement, very difficult challenges appeared in Egypt and the Middle East, number of revolutions erupted in 2011 in Middle Eastern countries
& this instability runs counter to our principle of Middle East proliferation as a whole.
But there was one goal to pursue, whatever the challenges and difficulties, we’ve developed, created, we’re starting to make alternative plans to get through this phase, and we’ve already developed reports professionally and dynamically, and there’s even a lot of reporting within systems we added a lot of features and services within each version and developed technical support and customer services.
And here was the radical shift inside SoftMagic.

2015 – till now


This is strongest stage at SoftMagic history

This is strongest stage at SoftMagic history, the stage of maintaining success and also climbing on top, usually as technology develops, it becomes normal to have competitors, but the top race has to be preserved, which makes it more difficult, but with innovation and evolution, it becomes guaranteed, so our programs had to be developed more and more professionally, local brands and global brands had to be targeted.
And already there are several versions that fit perfectly into the size of the customer business:-
Start, Gold, ERP Basic, Smart & Professional
There is also much other Software that suit different fields such as:-
CRM, HR, Farm, Constriction & and other different fields
We have a lot of different services in business
We got the ISO 9001 certificate
We are becoming uniquely ahead with enough respect for competitors which makes us proud of this strong competition.
Also, in this period, we faced more difficult because of the spread of the Covid19 pandemic, which disrupted the buying and selling movements of many customers, but with determination and challenge, we have skipped the hardest part of this phase and are still striving, developing and innovating to reach universality & maintaining the top of success